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Monday, December 11th, 2017
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Online Load Board, Freight Matching Service and Trip Route Planner

Welcome to AxelisLoads

The Most Comprehensive Free Freight Matching Load Board on the Internet!

One Account, Multiple Contacts

When a new account is created the information is used to create a primary contact. Once this primary contact is created, he or she can create additional contacts under that account. Each contact will have their own login and password, and can manage their own set of trucks or loads as the case may be. There is no limit to the number of contacts the primary can create. Primary contact status can be reassigned to any active contact at any time.

Unlimited Posting

AxelisLoads offers unlimited posting for all of your contacts. This includes individual postings and bulk uploads. Also, our system knows to set a truck to unavailable if the available date has passed, and to remove a load when the pickup date has passed. If you want to extend the date for a load, just pull up that load and change the date. Truckers, you can do the same for your trucks. In either case, it's no problem.

Bulk Load and Truck Uploads

Whether you're a trucker or a broker, you can create a CSV file of your trucks or loads in any spreadsheet or similar program and upload them directly to our database. Once there you can set your trucks available or unavailable, or edit your load information if necessary. There is a detailed PDF file with instructions available for download if you should choose to use this service.

Not Just Backhaul Loads!

That's right, truckers! When you look at the detail page of a load, you don't just get the info for that load, but below it you'll find a listing of all the loads in the system going from the destination back to your origin location. And that's not all! You'll also find a listing of loads going from that destination to anywhere else as well. With this system you can map out a route from available loads going where you want, when you want. Then use our trip route planner to tie it all together.

State of the Art Trucking Trip Route Planner

With our trucking trip route planner you can plan out your entire route before leaving home. It is also possible to start the plan, and then let it evolve as you go. That way, you can at least stay a week or two ahead of the game. Once you have your plan, you can download an MS Word .doc file that you can print, edit or whatever to suit your needs. We believe this feature may very well be the most useful trucking tool on the Internet today!

Detailed Notifications

At AxelisLoads we're proud of our notification system. We believe it to be the most comprehensive in the industry. First, whenever someone posts a load or makes a truck available meeting your criteria you'll get an email immediately. This includes loads uploaded via the bulk upload system. When returning to your notifications page you'll find each of your notifications listed with every truck or load that meets those criteria listed! No more getting a notification an hour after it's posted, then struggling to find that specific load or truck on the site. If something meeting your criteria is posted, you'll know about it within seconds.

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